March 28, 2013

DIY Microdermabrasion with Baking Soda

While I'm working on the post for my chicken recipe, I figured I could share another quick DIY beauty recipe for you. This is another simple switch I made when I gave up store-bought products. But first, have you made ACV (apple cider vinegar) toner yet? If not...get on that. I'll wait.

I remember being at my sister's house and she was using one of those microdermabrasion kits -- you know the one that vibrates (that you use on your face). I actually used to own one myself. Since I had thrown out almost all of my beauty products (and I had an embarrassingly large amount of them), I'd been thinking about what to do about my acne scarring (none of those expensive products worked). My day to day acne was clearing up, but unfortunately after years of bad skin, it left it's mark behind. I knew that microdermabrasion was typically used to treat acne scarring (as well as wrinkles, discoloring, and sun damage). Usually this procedure is done by an esthetician or dermatologist with micro-fine abrasive crystals in order to remove the outer-most layer of dead skin cells. But it's not cheap. (Exfoliation is good for your skin even if you don't have acne scars.)

So, I started to research natural ways to do this at home.

At-Home Microdermabrasion with baking soda

The next day, I put baking soda on my face.

Since then, I've learned more about it. Baking soda is a very effective, natural and gentle abrasive for removing dead skin cells (not to mention cheap!). Though I've made other changes to my skin care, my scarring has improved since using this simple baking soda exfoliation once a week. It works very well at slouching off dead skin and leaves your skin smooth. One thing to remember is that because baking soda is alkaline, you will need to restore the natural PH of the skin. That is where the AVC toner comes in.

Okay, I'm hoping this is new for someone reading who wants to try this? (Or if you do this already, what were your results?)

*If this is new for you, keep in mind that results may vary depending on skin type.*

Baking Soda Microdermabrasion

At home microdermabrasion with baking soda
1 tbsp baking soda
1-2 tsp water

Make a slightly soupy paste with the baking soda and water. You can do this in a small glass dish or in your hand. (I use my hand. I add baking soda and using my fingertips on my other hand, I drip water over the baking soda until it's enough to make a paste.)

Apply to a clean face and use gentle circular motions. (You do not want apply too much pressure.) Exfoliate the entire face (avoiding the eye area), neck and down to the chest if desired. Do this for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm water, follow with a toner to balance the PH of your skin. Moisturize if desired.

This is helpful for dry skin, acne scars, and blackheads.

Optional essential oil: Add a drop or two of lavender essential oil to your microdermabrasion for it's soothing properties. It is also helpful for wrinkles and acne. You can also replace the water with a facial oil, like sweet almond oil or aloe vera gel.

  • It's important to use a pH-balancing toner, preferably homemade like this one, to balance the PH of the skin.
  • I wouldn't recommend using this more than two times a week or it may dry out your skin. I use it once every few weeks, sometimes just once a month. Try once a week for oily, dry, or normal skin. Once or twice a month for sensitive skin.
  • You can also do this as a mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Then gently scrub as you rinse. Add honey for it's antibacterial properties and for moisturizing. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or orange juice for brightening. 

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****Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or other healthcare professional. This is informational purposes only. The content is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your doctor, dietitian, or other healthcare professional regarding any medical condition or treatment and before making any dietary, health, or lifestyle changes.****

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  1. Omg,thank u sooo much for this ez recipe,I had no idea u can make a simple microdermo solution at home,cuz they are VERY expensive in the stores,I simply can NOT afford them :( Wow,thank u so much for sharing this recipe,I have to pass this on to my daughter,she will freak! Lol :) Have a blessed weekend :)

    1. You are welcome, T.G.! Home treatments work differently for everyone, but I truly love this one. My skin feels so good afterwards and I truly believe it has helped my scarring. But even without scarring, it's a fabulous alternative to those expensive (yes, VERY!) store-bought microderms! I'm all about saving money! Hope it works out for you guys.

  2. Livin' the Crunchy LifeApril 23, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    You are welcome, T.G.! Home treatments work differently for everyone,
    but I truly love this one. My skin feels so good afterwards and I truly
    believe it has helped my scarring. But even without scarring, it's a
    fabulous alternative to those expensive (yes, VERY!) store-bought
    microderms! I'm all about saving money! Hope it works out for you guys.

  3. Livin' the Crunchy LifeJune 18, 2013 at 1:29 PM

    Hi Amethyst! I had (that is sooo nice to be able to say) slightly pitted skin due to several years of hormonal acne. So...for me, this was something that helped. I would recommend taking it slow, testing how your skin reacts, and making sure you are gentle before increasing to three days a week. My improvements took time and I think it's important not to rush the skin healing. One other thing I've been doing (just once a month and keep in mind I'm not an expert on this) that has helped is this enzyme peel-->

    This recommendation came from this ebook-->

    This is my affiliate link, but I would truly, highly recommend this book (if in your budget) for anyone with skin issues. This is the most comprehensive guide I know of for improving skin from the inside and outside.

    I hope that helps. Good luck to you. I know what a struggle it can be and I wish you all the best in healing your skin!

  4. Hey, I'm definitely going to try this--looks awesome... But I was wondering if you need to finish with a moisturizer. I hate having my skin feel wet or dewy after something like this, and I really only use moisturizer in winter when my skin really starts to dry out. I usually just use an oil-free CVS brand thing by the way, if you have any judgement on that. :P

  5. Ugh... Gotta change that profile pic! It's ages old and is of Club Penguin believe it or not. -_-

  6. Alright, I'll give you the results when/if I do it! I've still been putting off looking/ordering the apple cider vinegar, though. :P

  7. Livin' the Crunchy LifeJuly 14, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Check my toner post if you want to order it online....but you can find raw, unfiltered ACV at some stores. Walmart has the Heinz brand (and some might even have Braggs), most health food stores have Braggs, and if you don't mind paying more, I've even seen it in regular grocery stores. Hope it works out for you! :)

  8. Hi there. Do you think I could mix baking soda and coconut oil and apply it on my face like that or is the coconut oil too oily?

  9. Livin' the Crunchy LifeSeptember 25, 2013 at 11:55 PM

    Hi Tori, you can definitely use coconut oil if your face does well with coconut oil (some people do have issues using coconut oil on the face). Just add enough oil to the baking soda to make a thick paste. Hope it works well for you!

  10. hi! you think i can try this for my scars on legs cause by peeling oil..? this oil badly burn my entire legs and it leave a scars..i really felt bad and frustrated...thankyou.

  11. Livin' the Crunchy LifeNovember 14, 2013 at 12:49 AM

    Hi Pettunya, I can't imagine that using baking soda micro would harm your scars since it basically exfoliates the skin, but I haven't personally used this method for other scars so I can't say for sure. This has been effective for my acne scars, but for other scars such as from burns, surgery, or a number of other things, I like to use these:

    Rose Hip seed oil (, Vitamin E oil (, aloe vera and cocoa butter (which I get from Mountain Rose Herbs

    These do take time, so whichever you choose, consistency is definitely important. I can't promise this will help because I'm just speaking from personal experience with my own scars, but I hope that helps!

  12. Honey's antibacterial properties are due to the Hydrogen Peroxide that's produced by the honey making process. You can see this if you've ever noticed that white foamy layer that can build up on honey that's sat for a while... that white foamy layer is the H2O2 (or Hydrogen Peroxide). This make me wonder if switching out the honey recommended at the end with H2O2 would have the same effect w/out the sticky honey aspect of it?

  13. thank you..i tried the cocoa butter...and it helps moisturising my scars...i'll try your advise as well to apply rosehip oil maybe thosyou mentioned can possibly ligthen my scars..thank you.

  14. Livin' the Crunchy LifeNovember 14, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    You're welcome! I hope you find one that works for you!

  15. I've been using baking soda on my face for a few weeks now. I love it!

  16. Livin' the Crunchy LifeDecember 1, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    It's great stuff!

  17. ♥ Manisha Arora ♥January 20, 2014 at 5:11 AM

    I want to know, we have to repeat this procedure in how much time ?

  18. Livin' the Crunchy LifeJanuary 25, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Hi Manisha, The amount of time you need to exfoliate? 3-5 minutes is long enough.

    If you meant how often you should do this, then you can do it 1-2 times a week. I would start with just every other week and see how your skin reacts. You don't want to use this too often as it can be drying and I've read where people have negative effects from using it too often. I use it once or twice a month. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!

  19. ♥ Manisha Arora ♥January 29, 2014 at 12:41 AM

    Thanks :)

  20. I've been doing the Baking Soda microdermabrasion technique for six weeks now, once a week. I use Bragg's ACV as the toner. I am sold - love the way my skin feels.

  21. Livin' the Crunchy LifeFebruary 6, 2014 at 12:46 PM

    Hi Susan. I'm so glad you are loving it! I love the way it makes my skin feels too! Thanks for stopping by to comment and I hope it continues to go well for you.

  22. Hii... i m 20 yrs old n hv an oily skin with acne scars n holes.. can dis solution help me out for dat holes also..n wat kind of toner i should mix wid baking soda n wat should i apply after ending dis session??? plzz help.. :(

  23. This microdermabrasion is the best for your face. I have done a few treatments and it has worked wonders. My skin is so smooth, and my wife loves it.

    James |

  24. Livin' the Crunchy LifeApril 11, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    Hi, S.R., sorry for the late reply. This can help with scars. The toner I use is a diluted apple cider vinegar toner. Use about 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water (or a similar ratio). After gently scrubbing your face with this baking soda mixture, rinse face with warm water, then apply toner with cotton ball. The toner is to bring your skin's PH level back to normal. I'm going to repost (below) my response to someone else about scarring...but if you have numerous skin issues and are able to, may I recommend this ebook, The Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe ( If you can't get the book, check out her site for free info.

    My experience with scars:

    I had (that is sooo nice to be able to say) slightly pitted skin due to several years of hormonal acne. So...for me, this was something that helped. I would recommend taking it slow, testing how your skin reacts, and making sure you are gentle before increasing to three days a week. My improvements took time and I think it's important not to rush the skin healing. One other thing I've been doing (just once a month and keep in mind I'm not an expert on this) that has helped is this enzyme

  25. thnkxxzzz very much .. m using a lotion for my pimples on my face so after doing this procedure can i use that or i should stop it..??

  26. Livin' the Crunchy LifeApril 18, 2014 at 7:43 PM

    S.R., I can't say for sure if you should stop using the lotion, but I can tell you what I do/did. After doing this exfoliating (once or twice a week), I use the ACV toner as I said above, then I'd apply a very thin layer of a carrier oil (I like jojoba, though I mix it with other oils) for moisturizing. For spot treating pimples, I used tea tree essential oil or hydrated clay ( So...I'm not telling you to stop using your lotion. If it's working for you and you want to continue it, there is no problem using it after doing this treatment. But if you want to find an alternative, there are a few options for pimple treatment.

    If you are having a lot of issues with your skin (I've been there, so I truly understand!), please consider looking into diet changes if you haven't. For me, my skin improved immensely after removing some foods that were affecting my skin (gluten and dairy for me) and by adding in other foods that were good for my skin (sauerkraut and cod liver oil). Check out this post from the writer of the Skintervention Guide that I mentioned above and explore some of her website for a lot more free info about this. I hope this helps! Good luck with your healing! It takes time, but you can get there. :)

    Here's the link:

  27. I am 20 years old and my skin looks aged. Scars do not disappear after a cut or so. My skin is too sensitive. My hands and feet look all ugly due to scars and blackened skin. My skin is scaly as well.
    Please help :(

  28. Livin' the Crunchy LifeJuly 22, 2014 at 12:13 AM

    Hi Bella, I'm so sorry for all that you are dealing with. I wish that I could help you, but I'm just blogging based on my own experiences with natural skin care. I use the ACV toner and baking soda exfoliation for my face and my scarring has improved since using these. For scars, I am loving tamanu oil right now. I use the one from MRH (, but here's a good one on Amazon (

    I would strongly recommend you check out Liz Wolfe's ebook, The Skintervention Guide. This is an invaluable resource that covers many of the skin issues you are struggling with. She will explain what you need to do, from what to eat and what to use on your skin. If you can get it, I think it will really help you out. Here's the link -->

    I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Good luck to you and know that you are beautiful!

  29. may I add something....lemon juice works wonder as well! Baking Soda, AVC and Lemon Juice makes your skin glow, healthier etc..and you'll see a dramatic change. I tell you from experience...I use baking soda, then sometimes I use AVC or Lemon Juice (diluted of course) just before bed time ...the following morning your face looks different, skin feels different and you feel like you had a facelift. It so good. You'll look radiant! Oh AVC and Lemon helps reduce your pimple too!

  30. Livin' the Crunchy LifeAugust 22, 2014 at 1:28 AM

    Hi Mama K. Yes, of course! I like using lemon juice as well. :) Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your experience/input!

  31. hi having the same prob as u..:(

  32. Livin' the Crunchy LifeSeptember 22, 2014 at 7:07 PM

    Don't give up hope, annabella. Start making changes that are possible
    for you and little by little, your skin will improve. Vitamin E oil and
    tamunu oil (which I linked to in my response to Bella) are both great
    oils for scars.

    I had bad skin as a teenager then again in my
    20's with hormonal issues which lead to significant scarring. I first
    changed the way I was eating (incorporating more veggies, fish, healthy
    fats, etc) then switched to all natural skin care. Both are very
    important, but it took some time before my scars began to diminish.
    Trust me, even though it may take time, don't give up. You skin can
    improve. It's important to consider what you put in your body as well as
    on it. If needed, you could also consider seeing a dermatologist or
    doctor to see if there is an underlying issue.

    Also, if feasible,
    I strongly recommend getting The Skintervention Guide from Liz Wolfe.
    She describes everything you need to know to improve you skin - from
    food to skin care. I will slowly add more of my routine to the blog (it
    will probably be awhile), but Liz Wolfe's book includes so many things
    that will help you. Here's the link:

    Good luck and don't let your skin get you down. You are beautiful.

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  34. I love this DIY microdermabrasion that you've shared with us all. I definitely want to give this a couple times a week and I sure hope it helps. I have acne scars on the hallows of my cheek that I really want gone. Even if I can improve the look of my skin I will be happy.

  35. I have been using this for years and it works great!! :)

  36. Livin' the Crunchy LifeNovember 12, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    Great, StephR! I'm glad it is working for you! It works great for me as well. :)

  37. informative but now a day most of the people prefer the laser treatment, Ultrasonic microdermabrasion also exfoliates the skin to correct the
    damages of skin but is not harsh because it uses ultrasound for this
    purpose Read more visit on Microdermabrasion

  38. I can relate to this so much! I too have a hormonal imbalance which is being treated at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's the reason why my skin has had a hard time healing my acne scars and it gets me down... I will be trying this DIY microdermabrasion and see how it goes. But yes, it's important to not give up as things like this can take a while to see the results!

  39. Livin' the Crunchy LifeJanuary 28, 2015 at 9:40 PM

    Thanks Caitlin! I had a lot of hormonal issues as well that caused my skin to go later I realized gluten and dairy had a huge effect on my skin. But you are can take awhile, but don't give up hope! Although my breakouts have mostly stopped, I'm still working on healing the damage. Takes time, but change does happen. And good luck to you as well! Try not to let it get you down. Your skin does not define you.

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