October 6, 2012

Whole30: A Week of Meals - Whole30 Style


Day 13. Thirteen days without grains, beans, etc. Thirteen days without sugar. I haven’t even used my sugar and oil scrub in the shower. I wouldn’t want to end up with a glob of that in my mouth. I had a couple rough days. More on that in my next update. Don't worry, I did not eat the sugar scrub.

For now, here are some pictures of what I’ve been eating. These meals are all from the first week. A little disclosure here: I am currently cooking for just me, so some of my meals are random and thrown together. I like to cook and I'm pretty good at it, but I'm still learning to eat sans pasta. Therefore, I choose to keep it simple most of the time. I went for a long time without eating much meat, so it's been a process to work it back in. Plus, my budget is limited.


1. Curry roasted cauliflower, Chicken apple sausage (Bought this to try it out and I'm not loving it. It's almost too sweet or something.), Over easy egg
2. Eggs scrambled with veggies (onions, peppers, garlic, kale) topped with some avocado, banana with almond butter and coconut flakes
3. Eggs with veggies again. Topped with avocado and homemade salsa.
4. Another egg and veggie scramble with some sausage this time. This was before I scrambled the eggs. I don't think I've ever seen an egg drop out two yolks like that so I had to take a picture.

Lots of eggs going on here. I hate to say it, but it's getting old. Have to find some more options. (Oh, if you noticed how yellow my eggs are, I put turmeric in them. All the time.)

Lunch and Snacks
1.Avocado. Sometimes you just have to take a fork and dig in. Don't forget the sea salt. 
2. Kale chips. Kale chips with lunch. Kale chips for snack. Kale chips with one hand behind my back.

2. More roasted cauliflower with curry powder (or whatever Indian spices I have on hand). I could eat this all the time. 3. Zucchini tomato bisque (made with coconut milk). Roughly followed this recipe courtesy of Joy the Baker. 

 4. Romaine, skipjack tuna, avocado, few roasted seaweed pieces, carrots and celery. I made lettuce "sushi" rolls with this. 5. Garlic roasted sardines with spinach and carrot sticks. I think I ate kale chips with this too. I really like kale.  


1. The Big Salad. With big lettuce, big carrots, big cucumbers, parsley, avocado and skipjack tuna.
2. Baked chicken strips (Recipe from Against all Grain), kale chips, carrot sticks
3. Baked chicken strips, plain mustard, roasted broccoli, cucumber

Not all meals or snacks are pictured, like the rosemary roasted almonds I like to snack on occasionally. These meals seem boring, don't they? I actually enjoyed all of them. They were all relatively easy to make and throw together at a moment's notice. I don't suggest doing this every day if you are cooking for more than one. As you can probably tell, I made more than enough for two or more meals, especially with things like chicken and roasted veggies. And kale. I also like to make a veggie scramble to last a few mornings or more. I just throw some in a pan to heat, then add eggs.

Stay tuned, because today I made a curried roasted cauliflower soup, tandoori-like chicken, and have plans for some lamb meatballs. Time to mix things up!

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