November 8, 2012

Whole30 Days 21 - 45: Why am I doing this?


Last week, I almost added sugar to my coffee. I’m actually enjoying coffee with just coconut milk and cinnamon which is a huge deal for me. One morning though, as I was severely lacking in sleep, I longed for a comforting, steaming sip . And of course, nothing is comforting without sugar.

At that point, I was 38 days in. 38 days without sugar. Absolutely no form of added sugar. I figured that since I already did 30 days that a little sugar in my coffee wouldn’t hurt. Oh how my mind likes to rationalize thoughts involving sugar. But, with my much clearer, sugar-free mind, I pushed back. I said I'm going for 45 days! A whole 45 and I'm not stopping now. 


There are two reasons I made the decision to continue on to 45 days. During my first 15 days, while I didn’t consume sugar, I devoured Larabars, bananas, and banana ice cream. Not every day. But it was enough to make me aware that when I craved sugar, I reached for that bar made with sweet sticky dates or that naturally sweet taste of a ripe banana. But on day 16, banana ice cream didn’t exist. I didn’t buy bananas or Larabars. I avoided most fruits. I told myself that I could make it 30 days without sugar and without replacing that craving with natural sugars. If you’ve been following along you may know the second, related, reason for my decision. Sugar. I imagine many people have issues to sugar that they are unaware of.  

I stopped eating most refined sugar over a year ago. Pre-Whole30, I would consume honey, maple syrup, and other less processed sugars. But I added a lot to my coffee and tea. I made treats often. I wanted just a little piece of dark chocolate after dinner. Because of my sugar track record and my technically compliant sugar replacements for the first 15 days, I extended my Whole30 to a Whole45. 

Break from reading...can you guess what this is?

That brings me to the reasons I embarked upon this journey to begin with. I mean, who decides to cut out sugar, beans, grains, etc. and so on for a whole 30 days? After being sick for many years and suffering a number of physical and mental health problems, I started researching. I'll tell more about how I began this journey later, but my interest in learning more about what is in our food supply led me on a food roller coaster. I was engrossed in it day after day; learning more and more. Before I dove completely in, I began a simple morning green smoothie ritual. I was on a mission to do whatever I could to lose weight and feel good, with the emphasis on feeling good. But there was so much information out there, contradictory information, and it was difficult to know where to begin.

After suffering several years of undiagnosed health problems, I was at a point where my problems were supposedly over. While I felt better than before, I knew that it wasn’t good enough. I was still young; too young to feel as run down as I felt. So instead of relying on the doctors that misdiagnosed me again and again, I was on a mission to heal myself – with food.

I considered myself a mostly healthy eater. I ate the healthy low-fat yogurt, skim milk, and whole grains. And if we go way back, I ate margarine – at a time when margarine was touted as better than butter. I hadn't indulged in much fast food in several years. I exercised consistently. I walked, began running, and even attempted numerous 30 to 90 day workout programs. As I continued to learn more about real food, I switched to full-fat products, gave up dairy, and later attempted gluten-free. All of this occurred before I learned about the Whole30 and I had only recently read about Paleo. At that point, I was eating real foods, mostly gluten-free, completely dairy-free, and consuming very little meat. Changes had occurred during this time. Real food will do that.

But, I was still experiencing some skin and digestive issues. And besides the pounds I lost from my initial switch to real food, my weight was at a standstill. So, I had my reasons. I already knew that complete elimination of dairy saved my eczema-ridden hands (more on that later). And this was not for weight loss, but for gaining my health back. So I can finally live again. Really live. So, I bought the book, It Starts with Food. Eager to start, I skimmed the basics, set my goals, and sat down to my last sweetened latte.

And so it began... No grains. No sugar. No beans/legumes. No refined food. No dairy. No alcohol. 30 days.

Or 45 for me.

And guess what? This morning, on the day after my Whole45, I drank a cup of coffee – without sugar.

And yes, there are other changes. Positive changes. But…you will have to wait for those (Whole45 wrap-up/results post coming soon).

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  1. Good for you! What is the picture of?

    1. Thanks! For now, I will tell's rice, grain-free rice :)

  2. Great job! The elimination diet has been pretty brutal for me, so I can understand that 45 days without all of these things (particularly sugar, my fave) is a big feat!

  3. Yes, elimination can be very difficult and I spend lots of time reading ingredient lists. Sugar was definitely the hardest for me. Thanks for your comment, Anna! I plan to post my final results this week, so stay tuned. :)

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ALL content is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your healthcare professional before making any dietary, health, or lifestyle changes.
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