January 16, 2013

Whole30 Round 2: Halfway There

Today is Day 15 of my second Whole30®. I just wanted to give an update for those of you following along and/or doing the Whole30 yourself.

How's everyone doing?

I must say, this Whole30 has been much easier for me than last time. I actually began my Whole30 Day 1 being sick. For the first 3 days, I mostly ate chicken soup. By the time I was feeling completely better, I realized that I wasn't missing sugar or coffee at all. (I'm doing the autoimmune protocol so I'm also eliminating eggs, nuts/seeds, nightshades, coffee, and NSAIDS. Read more here.)


During my initial Whole30 in Oct/Nov 2012, I had some major issues with sugar. For the first half of it, I replaced sugar with Larabars, banana ice cream, and whatever else I could find that was technically Whole30-compliant. But this time, I've surprisingly not had many sugar cravings. I'm not saying they are non-existent, but it's been a hell of a lot easier this time.

But even though my sister calls me "superhuman"...I am still human. An imperfect human. And although I haven't cheated (that I know of for sure), I've been challenged. And I've been discouraged. But with 15 (or more, who's counting...) days to go, we aren't going to focus on the negatives. Let's talk about how we have overcome those challenges and what we have achieved thus far.

What are you proud of? When have you felt victorious (even regarding something small)? Let me know in the comments.

My Whole30 Days 1 - 15 Achievements:

-No coffee. I haven't had a single sip of coffee. This is big.

-15 successful breakfasts without eggs (maybe less than 15, sometimes I'm just not hungry)

-I'm learning to like olives.

-I can give in to a sugar craving without making banana ice cream. Instead I might eat a grapefruit or an apple. Maybe both. But still, no ice cream. And usually, it's no fruit at all.

-I have more energy to workout. And have been working out consistently. (I'm doing this at home 30 day Crossfit Challenge if you want to check it out.)

A look at what I've been eating:

Now, being a fairly new blog, I don't have tons of Whole30-complaint recipes on my site, but here are a few options (and I'll be posting a chicken recipe, lamb stew, and a few others soon):

Whole30 Recipes

Indian Style Cauliflower Rice
Balsamic Roasted Butternut Squash and Fennel
Kale Chips

What have you learned during your Whole30 (whether your first or not)? Let me know in the comments.

What have I learned?

-Trying to eat out, even a simple lunch, and finding a Whole30-complaint meal is not easy. I may have accidentally cheated. But I tell myself I didn't. (There may have been an olive oil "blend" vinaigrette that was already on my salad when I realized it.)

-Avocado is good with everything.

-Every label needs to be read. Every. Single. One.

-Eating meats and veggies (and seriously, that is about all I've been eating) doesn't have to be boring or tasteless. Or complicated, for that matter.

-I will always -- always -- eat too many kale chips in one sitting. Usually, immediately after baking them.

-No matter how many times I peruse the meat section screaming, "Seriously, why?!" there will still not be any sausage without added sugar.

So here's to the next 15 days (or more if you plan to keep going)!

And because I think sometimes we need reminding (well, I do): Progress, Not Perfection.



  1. 15 days is HUGE!!! You should be feeling very proud of yourself. I too am on Day 15... it might have possibly been the hardest day so far as I stared down a chunk of HOMEMADE FUDGE that was offered me at lunch today... but I said no thank you and felt strong. Then after Crossfit I may or may not have eaten the better half of a rotisserie chicken. : ) You go girl! I've decided to keep it up until Valentine's Day....

    1. Yes it is and congrats to you for making it this far! Good for you for turning down fudge...especially homemade fudge! Now that is huge. :)

      I'm glad you are going to keep going with it. I've already decided I'm doing 60 days (or more), but for now I'm focusing on making it 30. Happy to have you following along and appreciate your comment as always.

  2. Halfway there is a huge accomplishment! You should be so proud of yourself. I am on Day 16 today. This is my first time doing the Whole30 and I have learned so much about food, myself, and even some unexpected thinsg. As you said avocado is good with almost everything!I have learned there are so many different ways of fixing veggies and they are delicious on top of it. I have also learned sugar dependency sometimes is a huge obstacle to overcome and why is even more complicated. I am considering continuing this for another 30 days as well to finally slay that sugar dragon!!

    1. The Whole30 is definitely a learning process and I love how much you learn about yourself and new ways to enjoy food. I'm with you on the sugar dependency, so if you decide to continue on for another 30 days, I'm right here with you! Congrats on making it this far and thanks for the comment.


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