January 31, 2013

Whole30 Round 2: Wrap Up (Sort of...) and Reintroduction


(Well, sort of...I'm not really finished with mine just yet.)

But I wanted to write this post for those of you that have been following along during my Whole30® and maybe doing your own as well.  

How did it go for you? Good, bad, ugly. No judgment here.

Whole30 Meals: Breakfast


I hope that if you have completed your Whole30 or are about to, you have plans for reintroduction. I didn't last time and that is part of the reason I'm doing this again. When you eliminate potentially problematic foods for 30 days, you want to slowly reintroduce them. We want to know if gluten makes us bloated or feel sick or makes us break out in a rash. And if you pig out on a pizza filled with gluten, dairy, and who knows what else the day following your Whole30, you won't know the main cause when you're in pain later. In this case, maybe we just ate too much pizza. Or maybe you have issues with dairy or gluten. You get the point, right?

Try one food (like dairy) and wait 2-3 days. Then reintroduce another food and wait another 2-3 days before you move to the next. (If you have It Starts With Food, this is described in detail.) Pay attention to your body and any reactions you might have from the reintroduced food. Write it down. It's as simple as that. Yes, it will take some time, but in the end, you will know if your body is able to handle eating quinoa or maybe even cheese. And you can make a clearer decision about where to take your "diet" from here.

Whole30 Meals: Breakfast

And speaking of where to take it from here, these links should help:

Whole9 Forum: Whole30 Reintroduction
Life After Your First Whole30
Six Reasons Why The Whole30 Didn't Work For You  

Whole30 Meals: Lunch and Dinner
As for me, let me start with this...

Day 25: I started the day with beef and butternut squash stew and cauliflower rice, followed by a gigantic salad for lunch with olives, avocado, and chicken.

Then....then I fried some apples. And ate those. Don't worry, I shared these...

 But then, there was this...

I have a excuse slip from Aunt Flo, but I don't think it's going to fly.

But guess what? This time, I went 24 days before I made banana ice cream. This time, I went 24 days before I really wanted dessert, like really wanted it. This time, I didn't shove down Larabars and bananas every chance I got. I call that progress.

And as for that banana ice cream -- yeah, it happened. But you want to know what else happened and is happening? I am finally in control. Really in control. At the end of my first Whole30, I felt in control but quickly learned that I wasn't when I jumped back in the "real world." This time, I feel a difference...but time will tell. What I do know is that this 30 days was different than the last. I wasn't feening for a sugar fix every night or every time an issue arose in my life. There were definitely times when I wanted something sweet, but I recognized it -- and I, not the sugar dragon, was in control (at least most of the time).

Besides that, I went 30 days without any coffee. And I rarely snacked. I was big on snacking before I starting my first Whole30, but I'm at a point where I don't really need or want to. Oh, oh, oh....and I've been sleeping 7-8 hours (usually) a night! I'd been living off 5 hours a night for quite some time, so this is a really big deal.

Whole30 Meals: Lunch and Dinner

I'm not going to get into my full 30 day results yet, because I'm not finished. I'm not stopping yet. I'm not putting a date stamp on when this Whole30 will end. I just know that I need to do this longer. So for now, let's just leave it at that.

But, I want to hear about your experience, whether you made it three days, or thirty, or plan to keep going. Share in the comments.

Also, check out the Whole9's Whole30 Wrap Party. Read the stories of others and maybe even share your own.

Whole30 Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Want to read more about my Whole30 experiences?

Read more HERE.

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  1. I lasted 8 days. I also started my whole 30... And a new job the next day working 4/10s with a husband NOT On board with Whole 30. this, among other setbacks, made it hard to stay on track. I'm going to continue avoiding gains, dairy and legumes with the intention of a successful Whole 30 later this year. :)

    1. Great attitude, Rosie. There are many obstacles that can make the Whole30 that much harder, and I think it's great that you recognized that it just wasn't the right time for you. And that doesn't make you a failure! (something I have to remind myself of :))

      Thanks for reading my blog and for your comment.

  2. I just finished my Whole30 a couple days ago. I can't beleive I actually did it, I really thought it would be impossible, especially giving up the coffee with that "fake" creamer I drank a little too much of prior. At the end of thirty days I have no desire for it at all. I have learned to enjoy my coffee with just a little coconut milk and sprinkle of cinnamon. I have totally embraced this Paleo diet and plan on continuing eating this way. I may try again to do the Whole30 in a month or two, I may of overdid the fruit, but at this point feeling great about where I am at. Thank you for some great recipe ideas that I have used of your blog, especially the No Fuss Kale Chips, even my husband likes them!

    1. Wonderful, Marie! It took me a long time to give up my fake creamer so I understand how you feel! I wish you luck with where you decide to go from here.

  3. I am so so happy. I plan on continuing the Whole 30.... indefinitely. It may be a Whole 60, or even 90. I just love eating this way. It's so simple and I am always satisfied. For a treat on the 31st I made Paleo muffins from Everyday Paleo. They were meh, needed salt. But it was a nice treat, and I didn't feel like I needed to eat the whole pan. That to me is the biggest miracle: I have such a fine tuned full meter, I can actually STOP eating when I'm full, instead of the impulsive / compulsive way I used to stuff myself. Cravings are somewhat under control, I think going a little longer will help with this, too. Last night I did indulge in some organic, dark chocolate covered cherries, a gift from my daughter. It felt appropriate and delicious, I ate a few, and was done. A miracle I tell you!!! And I have lost seven pounds, and two inches from my waist, hips, thighs...
    Today I start again. I am planning a little treat on Valentine's Day (bien sur : ) but really, I can see myself eating this way indefinitely.
    And congratulations on NO COFFEE!! That is amazing : )

    1. Thanks, Kat! Amazing results! Dark chocolate covered cherries are definitely an appropriate way to end your Whole30 :) I'm continuing on as well (though I did take a few days in between) and I wish you luck with your goals for this next 30 or so days. Thanks for sharing your results.


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