September 30, 2012

Resources: Ebooks & Manuals for Skin, Food, and More

Disclosure: These are affiliate links. However, I only share and link to products and books that I believe in and/or have read/used myself. These are great resources for skincare, paleo, real food, and everything in between.


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Skintervention by Liz Wolfe, NTP

THE source for all things skincare. In this guide you will learn about the nutrients needed for beautiful skin and a radiant body, digestive help, best natural products for nourishing the skin, alternatives to conventional makeup and hair dyes, strategies for improving cellulite, and how to ditch toxins found in food and body care. I personally own this one and while I was already doing some of the things in this guide, incorporating more of Liz's suggestions has improved my skin even more. Click here to learn more.

 Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom by Tracy McCullough

Another great book on skincare, specifically acne. Click here to learn more. Tracy also has books for a 7 Day Candida Cleanse Challenge and how to Cure Your Skin Compulsions.

The Eczema Cure by Emily Barlett

I didn't have this book when I was trying to heal my eczema. I wish I had. Fortunately, I eventually found all this information on my own. But this book lays it all out for you in one place. If your child (or you) have eczema, you need this book. Click here to learn more.

PCOS Unlocked The Manual by Stefani Ruper

Another resource I wish I had known about when I was diagnosed with PCOS. With an holistic approach to PCOS, the manual gives you all the answers you need to understand PCOS and how to overcome it. Click here to learn more.

Pain Free, Toxic Free, and Processed Free by Robin Konie

This is a set of three (or buy each separately). Click here to learn more.

Pain Free: Learn the secrets to pain-free living with this 60 exercises designed for more efficient movement.

Toxic FreeDitch the chemicals for good with this "back to basics" recipe book for natural cleaning and personal care products.

Processed Free: Filled with practical advice and easy-to-use resources to help you on your real food journey.


Indulge:  70 Grain Free Desserts

If you like desserts, get this book! I made the coffee cake and loved it. My two young nephews also loved it and begged for more. There are so many amazing desserts in this book -- all grain and dairy free. Click here to check it out.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

I don't have this one, but I did attempt the autoimmune protocol for 30 days and this would have been a great source for AIP recipes. If you check out her blog, I think you will have no doubts that this is a fabulous resource for anyone following autoimmune paleo. Click here to learn more.

FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012

FastPaleo Top 100 of 2012

Familiar with the site (You can find some of my recipes on there :)) This recipe book is a compilation of the best of the recipes shared on the site in 2012. Click here to learn more.

30 Day Intro to Paleo by Bill Staley and Haley Mason

From the authors of Make it Paleo and the recently released, beautifully put-together Gather cookbook. No need to say more. Just check them out. Click here to learn more.

What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet, a printable guidebook

This is a great source for anyone looking into the GAPS diet. If you decide to attempt the GAPS intro diet, this will lay it all out for you complete with exactly what to eat for 30 days. Click here to learn more.

Cara from Health, Home & Happiness also has other sources for grain free meals such as Yearly Grain Free Meal Plans or The Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans.

Disclosure: These are affiliate links. However, I only share and link to products and books that I believe in and/or have read/used myself. These are great resources for skincare, paleo, real food, and everything in between.

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