October 3, 2012

Whole30 Days 1 - 4: Only the beginning..

I started this blog with the intention for it to be about my transition to whole and natural living, in all aspects of my life. Sharing recipes, tips, ideas for real food and products. And it is. But for now, for the next 30 or so days, it's about my Whole30. But don't worry, if you came for the real food, the Whole30 is nothing but real food. Nothing processed here. So here we go...


What is The Whole30, you ask?  Well, basically you eliminate foods that might have negative health impacts such as sugar (yes, all sugar), grains, legumes, and dairy. Instead you fill your plate with vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, fruits and good fats. No sugar, no alcohol, no cheese, no crackers, no pasta. Sounds worse than prison food, right? But it’s only 30 days. I can do this! Okay, so for me, I had already eliminated dairy (due to skin issues) and most grains. So, I had a leg up, so to speak. But sugar, that sugar had its hold on me. A strong hold. A piece of chocolate after dinner or an impromptu late night baking session involving coffee cake or cookies were the norm for me. I was way past the days of Reese’s Pieces and Nutty Bars, but I knew sugar would be the possible downfall of my Whole30. For that reason, the Whole30 was exactly what I needed. 

To read more about the Whole30 program, check out the Whole9 website or get the book, It Starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig (I suggest you do both).

I am now on Day 3 of my Whole30, though technically on Day 10. Or maybe I’m on Day 10, but technically Day 3. More on that later. 10 days without sugar. Not a drop of honey or one M&M has touched my lips. At this point, I don’t even crave it. Okay, to be honest, I would happily take a spoonful of honey right now. My throat hurts and it helps. Or maybe I just really really like honey. Once I get to my daily diary, you will see just how much.

Actually, let’s go ahead and take a look at that diary. Like I said technically I’m on day 10, so the diary started over a week ago.

My Whole30 Diary

Day 1: September 24. Day 1. Let’s do this! That’s all I have.

Day 2: I need sugar! Not refined sugar. Not HFCS filled cakes and cookies and breads. Nope. Just honey. Honey is calling my name. I hid it from myself. I know where it is though and it's very tempting. I might have to ask someone else to hide it. No, I can do this. I CAN do this. Oh, but my tea is just not the same without it. Honey in my tea. Is that too much to ask? This is going to be a long month…

Day 3: Rough day. Very on edge and tired. Not my usual cheerful self, I was told. I had ice cream twice today. Twice. I know what you’re thinking, or should be thinking - “Ice cream isn’t allowed during Whole30.” No, no it’s not. Technically, technically I did not cheat. (Repeating words makes me feel less guilty. Just go with it.) I made an ice cream that would pass. Banana ice cream. Horrible, I know. Like I said, rough day.

Day 4: Doing good and feeling good! No sugar, woohoo! Okay looking back at yesterday, I realize just how deep my sugar issues are. I have to rewind to my childhood to track just where this issue began. Desserts were an every night thing. Every night. My mom liked to bake and bake she could. Apple pies, cookies, cakes. With a lot of us, it seemed like birthday cakes were an everyday thing. So as I moved out, for most of my adult years, it stuck with me. Dessert was comforting. Natural. Normal. In recent years, my desserts have gotten a makeover and are made with coconut oil and unrefined sugars. It is still sugar, nonetheless. Time to kick that sugar demon (monster?) out of my body!

This week, I hope to share with you how great I currently feel, despite dreams of cookies. I’ll share some of the foods I’m eating and get up to date on my Whole30 restart after I inadvertently ate something that wasn’t Whole30 compliant. Considering what it was and how minor, some might think I should forget about it. It's done and over, but I'm adding a week. I'm dedicated. I want to my whole 30 days to be completely clean. No mess-ups. Sure I might eat some “ice cream” or accidentally weigh myself, but I’m human. A previously sugar-addicted human. Now at 10 days without sugar (and all that other insignificant stuff), I do believe this will be life changing. 

My typical Whole30 breakfast. The eggs, anyway.

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