February 27, 2013

Brussels Sprouts Chips with Lemon Zest

Let me tell you about my week...wait, it is only Tuesday (as I write this), isn't it?

Well, it's been that kind of week. I'm starting to think it's the coffee. Yep, I'm drinking coffee again. And let me tell you, I am on edge all day long. Jittery and clumsy. Well, more clumsy than the usual. I'm used to tripping over my own feet, but I am causing all kinds of mishaps this week.

Brussels Sprouts Chips with Lemon Zest

While carrying groceries to the car, I dropped a bag. Sure I've done that many times. It just happened to be the only bag with glass bottles of olive oil and honey. Luckily there were no breaks, just chips. I also stabbed my finger with a bamboo skewer. Don't ask. Just don't ask. Being in the kitchen wasn't a good idea this week. I almost lost a tray of chicken. Lost, as in dropped on the floor. Almost. Instead, I had to wash a few oven mitts. Turmeric leaves yellow stains. Just in case you didn't know that...

And since my immersion blender broke about a week ago (I did buy the $10 one so what did I expect?), I have still not learned that a blender plus hot liquid just doesn't work for me. Yes, I held the top down, let the steam escape, and all that jazz. So, someone tell me why my walls and counter -- and knives and spatulas and anything else in the line of fire -- are covered in coffee. Oh right...because I shouldn't be drinking coffee. I really, really shouldn't be drinking coffee. I may need an intervention. Get the banner ready.

Speaking of coffee and how I'm blending butter in it, one morning I forgot the butter. I put the coffee in the blender, put the top on and blended away. I didn't realize that I forgot the point of my blending -- the butter -- until the coffee was in my cup. 

Oh, and I ran out of cumin. (I'm seriously about my cumin.) Need I say more...

Okay, so the reason for this post -- Brussels sprouts chips. Please tell me that I'm not the only that always said "brussel sprouts?" I get it, they are from Brussels, or they may be. But Brussels sprouts is hard to say. For recipe purposes, I guess I can use the "S" but I just can't say it that way. Try it. Just make sure people aren't walking by while you are repeating "brussels sprouts, brussels sprouts" again and again. Now say it three times really fast.

Brussels Sprouts Chips with Lemon Zest

Alright, that is settled. How about the recipe?

I shared a picture on Facebook of three recipes that I had ready to type up and asked the lovely people on FB which they would prefer to see first. Um...it was a tie. So being forced to make the decision myself anyway, I opted to go with this: tomorrow I will share the Brussels sprouts and today, today my friends, we will eat chips. Brussels sprouts chips (try saying that). 

Brussels Sprouts Chips with Lemon Zest
printable recipe

What you need:

3 cups Brussels sprout leaves (about 2lbs)
Coconut oil (or other fat/oil)
Zest from one lemon
Sea salt

How to make:

After washing, remove the outer leaves from about 2 lbs of Brussels sprouts. If needed, you can cut the bottom tip to make leaves easier to remove. Put aside the sprouts for roasting or other uses. Spread the loose leaves on a baking sheet (or two if needed). Drizzle about a tbsp of melted coconut oil over the chips and salt to taste (you can always add more salt after baking). Toss the leaves a few times to make sure all leaves are coated with oil. Spread the leaves out evenly and zest the lemon over the chips (I used a Meyer lemon). Put in a 250 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, stirring them once about halfway through the time. They should be slightly browned and partly crispy. Turn oven off and let sit in oven for about 30 minutes until completely crisp.

Makes about a cup of chips. Only a cup for all that work...


You can remove the majority of the leaves from the sprouts if you'd like (by cutting of the ends first). I like to just remove the outer leaves and use the whole sprouts for roasting and such.

Most recipes for Brussels sprout chips call for a 350 degree or higher oven. I figured that if my kale chips dried out better without the burning at a lower temp, then these chips should too. I don't know if it's just my oven, but doing this around 350 degrees didn't work for me. Half the chips were burnt and the other half were crispy chips. At 250 degrees, they were almost perfect. But these can still get too crispy, so unfortunately, unlike the kale chips, you do have to check on them. Even at 200 degrees. 30 minutes is too long. Trust me. Depending on your oven, they may take anywhere from 15-25 minutes so start checking at 15 and I would check every 5 after that until you know how they work in your own oven.

And by the way, I don't have a zester or anything else that is for lemon zesting. It's on my suck-it-up-and-just-buy-one list, but I always seem to forget. So I use a knife. Very carefully. Yes, it's time consuming. And dangerous (yes, I cut myself). I don't recommend it. But it is an option.

So go make these chips! And save those whole sprouts for tomorrow. And for those of you that were hoping for the chicken recipe, don't worry, that will be coming soon.

And while you're at it, make these too: No-Fuss Kale Chips

Brussels Sprouts Chips with Lemon Zest

Have you eaten Brussels sprout chips before? And how do you say it -- with the S or without?


  1. These look yummy...was hoping for the chicken recipe:) but this will work. Oh and I have always said it without the s....who knew?

    1. Sorry Mae, it's coming! And it's worth the wait! Hope you try these out and like them.


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